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There are many things in everyones life that looksmore complex and makes life more sensitive. Being sensitive is different from leading a sensitive life. When we understand the original sense of the complexity, things become more simple to handle. Once you are able to enjoy the essence of it we need to share this with everyone we knew to let them see more comfortable life. This is my attempt to share different senses and their actual essence after a better understanding.

"Lets make a Better Living"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Craving India

India is not craving for citizens, but for responsible citizens

We often involve in discussions like
1. Many other countries moved further but not India
2. Traffic control or traffic sense in India is poor
3. Better to work outside India
4. Living would be more better outside India.

Many of us admit it and continue these discussions happily. Actually we are the best skilled labor in the world but unfortunately most of those doesn't work in India. May be they couldn't get proper opportunity for their skillet or they foresaw the problems here. Many aspects in creating a healthy or organized India doesn't lie on any system that will control, rather it lies in every ones mind. Simply speaking its just the thought of being responsible that should start in every mind for a massive change.Thats why India is not craving for citizens, but for responsible citizens.

Feeling responsible extends in everything that we do daily. Many of them are so simple to follow and yield great results in course of time. But everyone should follow them not expecting returns from it and should try to propagate these good habits for their next generations.

Traffic sense:

Avoiding usage of 4 wheeler unless its necessary facilitates more space on roads.

Parking in areas that's not meant for parking or parking in parking zone in a haphazard manner always trouble others and at some stage it will effect u in turn.

Wearing a helmet is a big problem for many bike riders. They either doesn't feel comfortable or they fear if they lose their hair style. They forget the fact that having a healthy head is more important. Similarly, wearing seat belts doesn't make the car driver comfortable. Many people wear them only near the traffic signal to avoid traffic police, forgetting the fact that u will be in trouble when encountering an accident.Following traffic signals is a biggest trouble in every street. Knowing the fact that population is increasing daily we never think of giving way for others in an apt situation. Everyone thinks to move on in their own way resulting in traffic jams.Driving vehicle drunk is another aspect causing many accidents.

Eco balance:

Optimal utilization of available water or any other natural resource would help up and others. Turning off public NALA taps if u see one will ensure better water storage.
Planting trees or at least saving existing trees offers better living environments
Usage of Dust bins to throw used items should be followed everywhere. Even if we find some crap like banana pealed off skin on streets should be thrown in dustbins.
Urinating on public places, walls etc , is a very uncultured habit. It should be done before coming on to streets or should use public toilets.


People who smoke are really adding up more pollution. I wonder how people do that in-spite of tags "Smoking is dangerous for health " on the packet. Many people say reasons like smoking improves in giving ideas or relief of mind tensions etc , which are bull shit. They also contribute in developing passive smokers. 

Smoking community should understand the fact that they are contributing to fill the treasuries of the manufacturing companies with their wealthy health. Children now are starting to smoke from childhood which is a bad sign for the future.

Foreign Dumps:

Everyone should contribute is reducing usage of foreign products and try to seach of an alternative indian made to help our economy. This can seem complex but they can be started from quiting drinking cooldrinks, which doesnt do any good to anyone, and start consuming coconut water or fresh fruit juices preferably made at home.

Everyone's contribution is important in building a better India.