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There are many things in everyones life that looksmore complex and makes life more sensitive. Being sensitive is different from leading a sensitive life. When we understand the original sense of the complexity, things become more simple to handle. Once you are able to enjoy the essence of it we need to share this with everyone we knew to let them see more comfortable life. This is my attempt to share different senses and their actual essence after a better understanding.

"Lets make a Better Living"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking things positive

Life is never a cake walk. It will be a mixture of everything. We just need to enjoy the taste of it.

Taking the outcome positively makes you move further rather than thinking the other way which can only dump you.

Plans in-vain

Whatever we plan will always be dependent on many other factors that wont be in our control. Plans often go wrong because of the way we planned it not considering some dependencies. Instead of thinking of the time you have lost in this planning and its execution, its better to understand where you went wrong so that you learn from it and do better next time. This would not only help you to boost yourself in current situation but also saves you a lot in future when you apply it.

Need honey but no money

Some people will be having too many thoughts in mind that we want to do but they wont be having any resources to execute them. Actually we need to understand that wherever we go situation would always be the same. There will never be enough resources as per plan. So when we understand this fact we can stand strong and then our mind works better. Then we will get a thought to do them in a different way to achieve it with available resources. Eventually we would be doing what we want and also derive a new way to achieve it. In general, if we had more resources we can never think of a more efficient way to do the same task.

Sharing knowledge shouldn't be reluctant

The knowledge we have is always good to share. Some people feel like, if we share what we have learnt others would become more competent. But in fact if we do not share there are two things that we are missing. One is that we may be missing what the other person would share back with us and secondly if you really have a habit to learn you will never stop. In many ways sharing helps others and sometime later you will also get it back from others that you have shared with.

Disease become more active in weak minds

Having a physical problem or a disease shouldn't stop everything unless it kills you in less than a day. Problem becomes more stronger if our mind weakens. First thing is to properly asses the problem to know what is that we actually lose. you can asses yourself better than anyone else. Then try to take necessary steps to make sure it doesn't disturb you every hour and see if the situation can be brought back to normal in course of time. Plan your life in advance so that if there's a day when your problem is reduced or solved then you will be ahead in life. That way a bad happening could be transformed as a positive thing


Improving in possessing a strong mind always helps in withstanding tough situations. Decision made would also be proper so that you don't lose your future and would be able to convert bad happening into positive things in life. Then you can enjoy every thing that comes your way.

"Derive pleasure out of life"

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