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There are many things in everyones life that looksmore complex and makes life more sensitive. Being sensitive is different from leading a sensitive life. When we understand the original sense of the complexity, things become more simple to handle. Once you are able to enjoy the essence of it we need to share this with everyone we knew to let them see more comfortable life. This is my attempt to share different senses and their actual essence after a better understanding.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Enter the Matrix ..

Sense :
Matrix is about knowing yourself and extending beyond.

The Matrix

When I saw 'The Matrix', I was actually thrilled with the way Wachowski brothers pictured Neo's exploration about his strengths. In a broader sense it had very good theme in it. It relates to everyone's life trying to prove themselves. Unfortunately most of them couldnt achieve what they are aiming for since they don't know their strengths. Reaching your own-self and understanding it is more important in setting up a goal. Then the journey never become painful rather enjoyable.

The Meditation

Coming back to our relation with the matrix concept, may sound strange but its a fact, when Neo gets into the matrix he tries to learn to be in a different time dimension. Then he starts controling everything around him. When we examine our self doing things that we like the most, we will be in a state where our brain would be more relaxed and focused on what we are doing. We then get utmost results in it. This state is like we are in matrix while doing it. 

For example Sachin tendulkar plays cricket being in matrix state where all his senses are active in achieving only on thing ... "Hitting the Ball". So its all about knowing how confident you are in certain tasks and try to achieve similar concentration on things that you are lacking. This process to improve concentration on something is called Meditation. It makes you more confident in things that you do.


Bullet Dodging was the best stunt at the end. It shows Neo's improvisation of his strength and becoming more confident on himself. This is possible when we have confidense in the work we do and proper assesment of our own caliber in doing it. 

Then with full boost in confidense Neo's mind starts seeing things different than others and it becomes more simple to him to handle the fighters. 

Finally movie ends with Neo flying, defying gravity completely. This means that after we start to extend our boundary limits we can then do things that we never thought we could.

In the second part, Reloaded, Neo continues where he left off. And at the end he understands that what ever he has done in matrix is because of his confidense and not because of going into matrix. So he could disable sentinels in normal world, even without even touching them. This means even though we had lot of improvement in our abilities, somethimes we will have some unnecessary dependencies in our minds in doing certain task. When we deal with these dependencies then we move beyond and be independent.

"With great power comes great responsibility". So now what you are capable of doing many great things you should also know the proper application of it and decision making in doing it. Since by then you will know that certain task could only be done by you, you should take the responsibility and complete it properly.

Essence :
Everyone has something special in them. Success will follow when you know and apply your strengths.


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